Character Selection

Have you ever played an MMORPG?
most of the time,
the first thing that you do when you create a character
was to choose your Race,
It’s either you want to become a Warrior, Engineer, Ranger, Thief, Elementalist, Mesmer or Necromancer.
Every Class has their own PRO’s and CON’s
Every Class has different playing styles
Same is true with Trading.

Below are some Class you may wish to become :


Discipline : Buy and Forget
Portfolio : Blue chips
Time frame : Years ~ Forever
Greed level/Risk Tolerance :  Low

Swing Trader

Discipline : Buy at Support, Sell at Resistance
Portfolio : Trending Stocks
Time frame : Weeks ~ Months
Greed level/Risk Tolerance : Medium

Day Trader/Scalper

Discipline : + 3-5%
Portfolio : Trending Stocks / Bluesuras
Time frame : Minutes ~ Days
Greed level/Risk Tolerance :  High


How to : Invest in the Stock Market

Investing in Stock Market is RISKY.
Investing in Stock Market is only for the RICH PEOPLE.
Investing in Stock Market is like GAMBLING.
Investing in Stock Market is too COMPLICATED.
You have to monitor it day and night.

“yeah, Right.”

How many misconceptions are there inside your mind, that made you FEAR the Market?
How did this wrong beliefs overcame you from being Invested in the Market?
What if i told you, every single person listed in Forbes Magazine’s Top Billionaires we’re invested in the Market, will you believe?
What if i told you, Our life is so risky, that we don’t even know when and how are we gonna die.
In this Article i will explain to you what Stock Market is,
the EASIEST WAY possible.

“Everything that you don’t understand. is HARD.”

Stock Market

Is a place where you BUY and SELL Stock/Shares
(In tagalog, eto ang Palengke Kung saan ka makakapagbenta at makakabili ng Shares)


Is a piece of Share/security/asset you will receieve upon buying shares of a Corporation
(In tagalog, Ito ang panghahawakan mo para masabing part-owner ka ng company)

“I started with zero knowledge about these things.
Nobody helped me but myself and google.
You can learn anything, as long as you’re willing.”

How Stock Market Works?

Watch this to Know how the Market Works

A Corporation issues Shares of their Company to Public to raise funds, either to fund their Expansions, to build new Plants, or anything that could result better income for the Company. Then Public/Investors buy and sell Shares and become Part Owners of the Company.

“Poor People SPEND before they save,
Rich People SAVE before they spend.”

How will you Buy/Sell Shares?

Back on the day, One way you can buy/sell Stocks is thru a Certified Stock Broker. Either you give him a call to buy your stock, and in return you will receive a stock certificate which has your certifications and your owned shares of the company.

Today, everything was made easy. You can choose and sign-up on a particular online broker.

Online Brokerage were like an online shopping store.
the only difference is that, you buy Company Shares.
***I was using COLfinancial as my online broker

Click here to learn more about COLfinancial

You only need 5,000 pesos to start investing in the Stock Market.
All you need to know about the brokerage was already written on the link above.

How will your Stock/Share Gain or Lose its Value?

Let’s say, you Buy 100 Shares of SM valued at P900.
So this means, 100 (shares) x P900 (price value) = P90,000 (you invested 90k Pesos in SM)
Months later, SM Management Announced Good Income Earnings, and has Prospects to build more SM’s Nationwide and Abroad.
A positive news sometimes make a Stock Price go up, because Public/Investors Buys more of the Company Shares.
Your SM Share was now Valued P950/share. so this means, you now have +P5000 increase from your initial capital. your P90,000 becomes P95,000.
But what if Bad News comes in play?
A News came where SM didn’t meet its expected Quarter Earnings.
Public/investor lose their trust to the Company so they sell their shares.
Your SM now valued at P880/share
So, your investment now suffers -P2000 Loss
your P90,000 becomes P88,000

An easier explanation is this :

It doesn’t matter how much you have bought your stock.
If there are buyers who want to buy it at a Higher Price, you will Gain.
If they want it low, you will Lose.
Good news attracts More Buyers.
Bad news inflicts Panic.
the emotion or sentiment of Public/Investor drives the Price of a Stock.
***Stock Price changes every second, when buyers and sellers meet at a certain price
You can Buy/Sell stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange from 9am to 3:30pm

Here’s the Door.
Behind this Door lies the Greatness within YOU.
It’s up to you when you will open it.

the Art of Buying and Selling

So probably, you’ve heard of the saying ;

 “Buy LOW, Sell HIGH.”

Because when you apply this GOLDEN RULE
Profit is always assured!
But. What if i told you, things don’t always go with what you plan.
Specially if you don’t have a “PLAN.” (what is a plan? #lol)

I’ve broken down 4 common scenarios you will encounter when you enter a trade.


D&L Industries
The ones who made this trades are those veteran investors/traders and some lucky newbies.


Prime Orion Philippines
This is how Breakout Traders and tsupiteros trade, and also some ‘ginyos’ traders who feels ‘ginyos’ when they make a trade like this, then got burnt on their next trade.


Belle Corporation
Failed bounce plays, support doesn’t hold.
Newbies get in because #YOLO “price is already at bargain price! i don’t know what CUT LOSS is.”

4. BUY HIGH, SELL LOW (whipsaw)

Melco Crown Philippines
So, are you HYPED? are you a blind follower?
a sheep that was slaughtered, bludgeoned to death?
are you living with this motto : “HOLD lang, tataas din yan.”  #lol

I was a NEWBIE.
I am still a NEWBIE.
What i’m telling you today,
was to LEARN,
to make a PLAN,
to become BETTER,
because if you DON’T
Someone else will take your money away from you.

ACT 1 : The Beginning

We’re like voyagers in this world,
the waves of the sea, sends us back and forth.
Strangers we are of this world,
We live without knowing our purpose of any sort.
but life goes on, and beyond
We learn the ways of living
and our final chapters, death; but when and how we do not know.
Is this the Meaning of ‘life’ ?
to work, to eat, to die? isn’t that a painful death already.

I believe in God, I believe on the Creator of everything.
Each one of us has a purpose,
to search for that gift, to dream, to live His will and to Love One Another.
We are all part of this mystery, We just have to solve this puzzle, one step at a time.

this is my story; a boy whose not good at school, never been employed, but full of dreams and ideas.
I wasn’t born Rich, but i was born to be Rich.

“Apart from me you can do nothing.”
John 15:5