As Jim Rohn said “You are always the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” People around you affects your mentality, actions and decisions in life. They can make you or brake you. If you’re that serious about making it to the top, you should make wise decisions in life and choose the people you’ll be with. I have listed some common people and behaviors that makes them. I hope i don’t offend anybody and this serves as lesson for everyone.

wag masyadong social climber princess sarah

Social climber friends – They were the masters on how to spend great amounts of money, and doesn’t know how to make it. Most of them were famous over the internet but broke in real life. They choose to lose money over losing a follower. So you think 500x before you make friends with them.


The Royal blood – they were those tambay, tamad, pabebe. They live like kings, and make their parents as slave. They don’t want to work because they think work is not for them.  They were the burden of the family, but they think otherwise. They stick to their vices and bad habits. So sooner than you think, they will be counted among the poorest of the poors.


Shopping buddy – this is almost identical to Social climbers but they are those keen and knowledgeable for the new trends, may it be in fashion, techs or even newly opened shops! they always wanna try it! Most of the paper bills on their wallet is color orange-y and purples, but this will not stop their shopping spree madness. 15th and 30th were the days marked on their calendar, when the payslip was delayed they get mad like hulk, because they missed the on-going sale of an expensive brand.


Coffee buddy – a friend from the past, a colleague that you met only once in your life or some batchmate that you didn’t even know! they will ask you for a drink on the nearest Starbucks or coffeeshop, oh so gentle of them! But here’s the catch. You will be presented with a presentation on how you can get ‘moar-money’ like them and talk to you on how success works, how to get riches and wealth. Suddenly they became your financial advisor. But they themselves don’t have it. Talk about ‘exits’ here boys.


Mr/Ms. Kuh Ri Pot – They were not chinese. But they act like them! they always want ‘libre’ . But dont want to treat you back. they always choose the cheapest food in the menu. And yet, they don’t have any savings and always talk of being broke <come on bro?> They can be considered as the epitome of living a frugal life, and yet still poor.

Reality is harsh. Filipino’s were naturally born giver i think. They give all their sweldo away to attain that “i look Rich” status of Society. We all make an effort to please the everyone around us, and what does it make us? Poor. Our pride makes us go broke in exchange of lust that goes old and rust.


3 thoughts on “She buys a new Apple, and it’s P100/kilo!

  1. This made me laugh so hard!! Because it’s true especially since posting a lot in social media nowadays make you appear you’re all that. I definitely agree with people choose to lose their money over followers.

    Another truth is: they have everything on the outside but they’re broken inside (mentally and emotionally) that’s why resulting to posts on social media affirms their identity (that’s what they think) 😉


    1. Hi Unj! as many says : “relate” haha! thanks for appreciating the article. Our movement is focused on Educating Filipino’s regarding finances so, pin pointing the wrongs is essential to correct them. PURI o PERA, watch for our next article 😉

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