How rich are you in terms of giving?


How rich are you in terms of giving? I’m making this post not to brag. I’m making this post to urge everyone to extend their hands to every being in this world who needs help. You don’t have to die like Jose Rizal to be a hero. nor be crucified to touch lives.

We might often see post like this during our facebook sessions. Some people pity them and share, some disregard and think it’s just another Modus. This post was made by me, on a side-project im working on. It was shared a hundred times by hundred other users, but only few messaged me to extend their help.

If you have a big house, you are Rich. If you have a nice car, you are Rich. If you can afford classy restaurants, you are Rich. But, How rich are you in terms of giving? Honestly, i am a 22 year old man. I don’t have pocket full of money, nor a savings account that looked like phone number. I worked hard for my money and earn a decent amount. But your money doesn’t have anything to do with helping and giving out. Surely, a Billionaire can give out millions that easy. Because millions doesn’t affect his wealth that much. But was it an excuse for you? Always remember whatever you give to the poor people, will be appreciated much. because Poor people appreciate small things BIG. while rich people appreciate big things SMALL.


It breaks my heart when i meet the boy’s mother to hand out my little help. She was very grateful and thankful, texting me over and over to give thanks. And after i went home. the boy’s father called me over the phome, I can depict with his voice that he’s almost bursting in tears. My heart breaks at that point. I can feel that certain joy, that sublime feeling inside of me, that i can feel the joy of someones soul, touched by my little act of help. Truly we are blessed. And i hope you can brighten up someones life too, soon.

May we always be used by God to make good things unto others!


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