Investing in Stock Market is RISKY.
Investing in Stock Market is only for the RICH PEOPLE.
Investing in Stock Market is like GAMBLING.
Investing in Stock Market is too COMPLICATED.
You have to monitor it day and night.

“yeah, Right.”

How many misconceptions are there inside your mind, that made you FEAR the Market?
How did this wrong beliefs overcame you from being Invested in the Market?
What if i told you, every single person listed in Forbes Magazine’s Top Billionaires we’re invested in the Market, will you believe?
What if i told you, Our life is so risky, that we don’t even know when and how are we gonna die.
In this Article i will explain to you what Stock Market is,
the EASIEST WAY possible.

“Everything that you don’t understand. is HARD.”

What is Stock Market?

Is a place where you BUY and SELL Stock/Shares
(In tagalog, eto ang Palengke Kung saan ka makakapagbenta at makakabili ng Shares)

What is Stock/Shares

Is a piece of Share/security/asset you will receieve upon buying shares of a Corporation
(In tagalog, Ito ang panghahawakan mo para masabing part-owner ka ng company)

How Stock Market Works?


A Corporation issues Shares of their Company to Public to raise funds, either to fund their Expansions, to build new Plants, or anything that could result better income for the Company. Then Public/Investors buy and sell Shares and become Part Owners of the Company.


How will your Stock/Share Gain or Lose its Value?

Let’s say, you Buy your first Share and choose SM. You bought it at P900/share. Then months later, with the help of our Growing Economy and Positive outlook of investors towards SM. The price of the share went up and was valued P970/share. Meaning, if you have invested P90,000 it will now turn to P97,000. You gain P7,000.

An easier explanation is this :

It doesn’t matter how much you have bought your stock.
If there are buyers who want to buy it at a Higher Price, you will Gain.
Good news attracts More Buyers.
and the emotion or sentiment of Public/Investor drives the Price of a Stock.
***Stock Price changes every second, when buyers and sellers meet at a certain price
You can Buy/Sell stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange from 9am to 3:30pm


How will you Buy/Sell Shares?

Today, everything was made easy. You can choose and sign-up on a particular online broker.

Online Brokerage were like an online shopping store.
the only difference is that, you buy Company Shares.
***I was using COLfinancial as my online broker


You only need 5,000 pesos to start investing in the Stock Market.
All you need to know about the brokerage was already written on the link above.

Happy Investing in the Stock Market!

“Here’s the Door.
Behind this Door lies the Greatness within YOU.
It’s up to you when you will open it.”


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