“Hi, Kami ang Pabebe girls, at wala kayong pakialam kung pabebe kame.” ~Pabebe Girls


Seriously, i don’t even know this two, because i don’t have a habit of watching TV or browsing on viral things that doesn’t concern my life. But there’s an interesting moral story with this pabebe teens that’s been going with this 21st century babies or should i say ‘bebe’s’.

So it started when Facebook generation booms! Everyone becomes so crazy that Friendster and MySpace was erased from the memories of mankind like it never existed at all. Typically and what’s normal is, you create a personal account. Your siblings makes an account for themselves too. But today, dogs has an account. Dead people has an account. Flower, insects, lake, geographical locations or even napkins has an account. Crazy isn’t it? When i was 5 years old, i used to play outside our house with friends and siblings, i was able to play lots of games, hide and seek, run til you pass out, punch your enemy in the face and other game that involves physical activities. But today, 3 year old kids already know how to use an ipad and access the internet. They learned to type first than to speak or write on a paper. Technology really changed peoples lives and behavior.


As we all know, Filipino’s always wanted to be ‘in’ they don’t want to be left out. Everything that goes viral or ‘uso’ will always be entertained by crowd. So there goes ‘totoy’ a 10 year old boy who was still uncircumcised. Thanks to his tito and tita’s who posted and shared pictures on facebook with “not safe for work” tags. So totoy go on an adventure to find a ‘bebe’. And here comes ‘joana’ a 9 year old girl who doesn’t even know what napkin is used for. The two updated their facebook relationship status, from single to In a Relationship, their classmates liked it and put comments. “true love” , “may forever” and goes it goes on and on. Totoy and Joanna doesn’t know what their doing and they can still be managed and fixed by their parents.

You know, people nowadays is crazier than ever before. I’m calling out those who satisfies themselves by flirting with those ‘pabebe’ using their parents Money. If you’re using your parents money to access the internet, to load your phone, buy flowers and chocolates every Monthsary. then quit your Relationship. Most people engages on Relationship at an early age, then get pregnant. I’m not saying that people who got into those situations will Fail. But the chances of you getting more time and focus to learn more about Financial Literacy is better than those already engaged and liable with their unplanned Family. This is what i want you to know. For me, the right age to be in a Relationship is when you can already afford to date your ‘bebe’ with your hard earned cash! don’t be hasty, young padawan.


**I had my girlfriend when i was 19. I never asked my parents to give me money for my date/present with her. I worked my ass off. And i’m still with her up ’til now.


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