“The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers.” ~Wikipedia

Peter Stringfellow
( To me this is what American Dream looks like. #gigols )

Have you ever heard of this phrase? “tatrabaho lang ako sa Abroad, magiipon, tapos magbi-bisnes.” How often my ears have come in contact with people who have the same ideals in life. To work abroad, to save enough so they could get home and start a Business. But honestly, will this mindset ever make you  Rich or Financially Free?

The goal of having this mindset was to work hard on the first chapters of your career to save enough money, then settle for good in the Philippines and just enjoy life. Many of us, believe that having a business will make you Rich, Financially free and able to do things like those Chinese Businessmen whom you inspired to become. Everyone becomes so Optimistic about the idea. But, what are the odds you might encounter while walking the path of the ‘Filipino Dream’.


When you start Working Abroad you were very optimistic to get a job. (any job would do, as long as your abroad) Your parents becomes proud of you, Your relatives were hopeful and optimistic too about your success, that they already told you their shoe sizes and preferences of the clothes or bags they want you to give them once you land a job. (pasalubong/pamasko would be a great term)

So you’ve started working on your 8-5 job, earning a decent amount of cash. You feel so tough and Rich already, that you already listed the New Phone to buy, new bag and clothes to shop, then you send your Parents some Cash to show how Good Son/Daughter you are. And so, you Spend, and spend, and spend your Money with the things you like and what was left, becomes your SAVINGS.

Years and years go on, You really Miss home. You were far from your loved ones, you were stressed at work. You wanna go Home, But wait. Your savings looks like you can only buy a box of lollipop with it. You cried like you’re chopping an Onion. You just found yourself on a bigger mess and find a way to change your ways. So you started putting effort on yourself, studying and searching for a way to save and become a better financial literate person. You forget the past and move on.


And so, the day has come for you to get Home. You reached your Savings goal, like a kid breaking his piggy bank because he really, really, really wanted to buy a new toy. The smile was in your face, your positive outlook towards the future was so bright. So, the first thing you do was to settle down a bit, go on a vacation and tours with friends and love ones, brag a bit. You lose some money from your savings, thinking that it’s okay and you can carry on. Then the journey of realization has begun. You’re losing money, you have no job and no plan. So you stayed at home, search the internet on How to start a business in the Philippines. Your mind were so bright that you’ve seen the potential in food industry, because Filipinos love to eat and food always sells. So you made a choice, With zero knowledge and skills, your only hope was prayer and optimism. You ventured out on Food business. Day One, No customer. Day two, A bit of Customer. Months later, you closed down business because you fear of losing all the money you Saved. Fear and Pain inflicts you, Your optimism turned against you, the world closed down upon you and so it has begun.

You undergo the Depression State once more. You realized that business was a no easy job, no easy money, and luck is not on your side. Weeks later, You saw yourself sending CV/Resume to online agencies and finding your way Abroad again, with your new goal. To Work abroad forever ’til you either Die or get Fired.

The end.


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