Riches Runs Out, Good Works will never be Forgotten

“I was working Day and Night for my Dreams.
I am putting effort on my goals and ideas.
But i believe, than i can not do Anything,
Without God.”

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Financial Literacy
Basics of the Stock Market

God bless you us on our Journey to Financial Freedom!


She buys a new Apple, and it’s P100/kilo!

As Jim Rohn said “You are always the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” People around you affects your mentality, actions and decisions in life. They can make you or brake you. If you’re that serious about making it to the top, you should make wise decisions in life and choose the people you’ll be with. I have listed some common people and behaviors that makes them. I hope i don’t offend anybody and this serves as lesson for everyone.

wag masyadong social climber princess sarah

Social climber friends – They were the masters on how to spend great amounts of money, and doesn’t know how to make it. Most of them were famous over the internet but broke in real life. They choose to lose money over losing a follower. So you think 500x before you make friends with them.


The Royal blood – they were those tambay, tamad, pabebe. They live like kings, and make their parents as slave. They don’t want to work because they think work is not for them.  They were the burden of the family, but they think otherwise. They stick to their vices and bad habits. So sooner than you think, they will be counted among the poorest of the poors.


Shopping buddy – this is almost identical to Social climbers but they are those keen and knowledgeable for the new trends, may it be in fashion, techs or even newly opened shops! they always wanna try it! Most of the paper bills on their wallet is color orange-y and purples, but this will not stop their shopping spree madness. 15th and 30th were the days marked on their calendar, when the payslip was delayed they get mad like hulk, because they missed the on-going sale of an expensive brand.


Coffee buddy – a friend from the past, a colleague that you met only once in your life or some batchmate that you didn’t even know! they will ask you for a drink on the nearest Starbucks or coffeeshop, oh so gentle of them! But here’s the catch. You will be presented with a presentation on how you can get ‘moar-money’ like them and talk to you on how success works, how to get riches and wealth. Suddenly they became your financial advisor. But they themselves don’t have it. Talk about ‘exits’ here boys.


Mr/Ms. Kuh Ri Pot – They were not chinese. But they act like them! they always want ‘libre’ . But dont want to treat you back. they always choose the cheapest food in the menu. And yet, they don’t have any savings and always talk of being broke <come on bro?> They can be considered as the epitome of living a frugal life, and yet still poor.

Reality is harsh. Filipino’s were naturally born giver i think. They give all their sweldo away to attain that “i look Rich” status of Society. We all make an effort to please the everyone around us, and what does it make us? Poor. Our pride makes us go broke in exchange of lust that goes old and rust.

How rich are you in terms of giving?


How rich are you in terms of giving? I’m making this post not to brag. I’m making this post to urge everyone to extend their hands to every being in this world who needs help. You don’t have to die like Jose Rizal to be a hero. nor be crucified to touch lives.

We might often see post like this during our facebook sessions. Some people pity them and share, some disregard and think it’s just another Modus. This post was made by me, on a side-project im working on. It was shared a hundred times by hundred other users, but only few messaged me to extend their help.

If you have a big house, you are Rich. If you have a nice car, you are Rich. If you can afford classy restaurants, you are Rich. But, How rich are you in terms of giving? Honestly, i am a 22 year old man. I don’t have pocket full of money, nor a savings account that looked like phone number. I worked hard for my money and earn a decent amount. But your money doesn’t have anything to do with helping and giving out. Surely, a Billionaire can give out millions that easy. Because millions doesn’t affect his wealth that much. But was it an excuse for you? Always remember whatever you give to the poor people, will be appreciated much. because Poor people appreciate small things BIG. while rich people appreciate big things SMALL.


It breaks my heart when i meet the boy’s mother to hand out my little help. She was very grateful and thankful, texting me over and over to give thanks. And after i went home. the boy’s father called me over the phome, I can depict with his voice that he’s almost bursting in tears. My heart breaks at that point. I can feel that certain joy, that sublime feeling inside of me, that i can feel the joy of someones soul, touched by my little act of help. Truly we are blessed. And i hope you can brighten up someones life too, soon.

May we always be used by God to make good things unto others!

How to Invest in Stock Market

Investing in Stock Market is RISKY.
Investing in Stock Market is only for the RICH PEOPLE.
Investing in Stock Market is like GAMBLING.
Investing in Stock Market is too COMPLICATED.
You have to monitor it day and night.

“yeah, Right.”

How many misconceptions are there inside your mind, that made you FEAR the Market?
How did this wrong beliefs overcame you from being Invested in the Market?
What if i told you, every single person listed in Forbes Magazine’s Top Billionaires we’re invested in the Market, will you believe?
What if i told you, Our life is so risky, that we don’t even know when and how are we gonna die.
In this Article i will explain to you what Stock Market is,
the EASIEST WAY possible.

“Everything that you don’t understand. is HARD.”

What is Stock Market?

Is a place where you BUY and SELL Stock/Shares
(In tagalog, eto ang Palengke Kung saan ka makakapagbenta at makakabili ng Shares)

What is Stock/Shares

Is a piece of Share/security/asset you will receieve upon buying shares of a Corporation
(In tagalog, Ito ang panghahawakan mo para masabing part-owner ka ng company)

How Stock Market Works?


A Corporation issues Shares of their Company to Public to raise funds, either to fund their Expansions, to build new Plants, or anything that could result better income for the Company. Then Public/Investors buy and sell Shares and become Part Owners of the Company.


How will your Stock/Share Gain or Lose its Value?

Let’s say, you Buy your first Share and choose SM. You bought it at P900/share. Then months later, with the help of our Growing Economy and Positive outlook of investors towards SM. The price of the share went up and was valued P970/share. Meaning, if you have invested P90,000 it will now turn to P97,000. You gain P7,000.

An easier explanation is this :

It doesn’t matter how much you have bought your stock.
If there are buyers who want to buy it at a Higher Price, you will Gain.
Good news attracts More Buyers.
and the emotion or sentiment of Public/Investor drives the Price of a Stock.
***Stock Price changes every second, when buyers and sellers meet at a certain price
You can Buy/Sell stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange from 9am to 3:30pm


How will you Buy/Sell Shares?

Today, everything was made easy. You can choose and sign-up on a particular online broker.

Online Brokerage were like an online shopping store.
the only difference is that, you buy Company Shares.
***I was using COLfinancial as my online broker


You only need 5,000 pesos to start investing in the Stock Market.
All you need to know about the brokerage was already written on the link above.

Happy Investing in the Stock Market!

“Here’s the Door.
Behind this Door lies the Greatness within YOU.
It’s up to you when you will open it.”

Pabebe Chronicles : Dating Bebe’s with your Mom’s Credit

“Hi, Kami ang Pabebe girls, at wala kayong pakialam kung pabebe kame.” ~Pabebe Girls


Seriously, i don’t even know this two, because i don’t have a habit of watching TV or browsing on viral things that doesn’t concern my life. But there’s an interesting moral story with this pabebe teens that’s been going with this 21st century babies or should i say ‘bebe’s’.

So it started when Facebook generation booms! Everyone becomes so crazy that Friendster and MySpace was erased from the memories of mankind like it never existed at all. Typically and what’s normal is, you create a personal account. Your siblings makes an account for themselves too. But today, dogs has an account. Dead people has an account. Flower, insects, lake, geographical locations or even napkins has an account. Crazy isn’t it? When i was 5 years old, i used to play outside our house with friends and siblings, i was able to play lots of games, hide and seek, run til you pass out, punch your enemy in the face and other game that involves physical activities. But today, 3 year old kids already know how to use an ipad and access the internet. They learned to type first than to speak or write on a paper. Technology really changed peoples lives and behavior.


As we all know, Filipino’s always wanted to be ‘in’ they don’t want to be left out. Everything that goes viral or ‘uso’ will always be entertained by crowd. So there goes ‘totoy’ a 10 year old boy who was still uncircumcised. Thanks to his tito and tita’s who posted and shared pictures on facebook with “not safe for work” tags. So totoy go on an adventure to find a ‘bebe’. And here comes ‘joana’ a 9 year old girl who doesn’t even know what napkin is used for. The two updated their facebook relationship status, from single to In a Relationship, their classmates liked it and put comments. “true love” , “may forever” and goes it goes on and on. Totoy and Joanna doesn’t know what their doing and they can still be managed and fixed by their parents.

You know, people nowadays is crazier than ever before. I’m calling out those who satisfies themselves by flirting with those ‘pabebe’ using their parents Money. If you’re using your parents money to access the internet, to load your phone, buy flowers and chocolates every Monthsary. then quit your Relationship. Most people engages on Relationship at an early age, then get pregnant. I’m not saying that people who got into those situations will Fail. But the chances of you getting more time and focus to learn more about Financial Literacy is better than those already engaged and liable with their unplanned Family. This is what i want you to know. For me, the right age to be in a Relationship is when you can already afford to date your ‘bebe’ with your hard earned cash! don’t be hasty, young padawan.


**I had my girlfriend when i was 19. I never asked my parents to give me money for my date/present with her. I worked my ass off. And i’m still with her up ’til now.

the Piggy Bank Theory : Your Mom’s Basic Saving’s Technique

This Article is dedicated to all Filipinos whom just got their first paychecks, those who suffer and feel deeply emotional everytime they open their wallets, and to those who just love to BURN away the fruits of their Hardwork.

” I set Fire to the Rain ”

So, you were sitting somewhere, reading this article because you were guilty of being a GASTADOR ( Money Burner ) But, don’t worry. You are not alone, in a matter of fact. Bilions of people struggle with this crisis in life. And Most Successful people also became one at some point.

So, let’s start reminiscing your past. Do you remember when Christmas Time and New year arrives? Of course! those were the greatest days on the lives of every Child, and nightmare for most Adults. You will receive your ‘Malutong na pera’  that smells like, paper fried in Chicharon oil. Remember the days when you will boast with your Mommy how much you ransacked? and how she tells you to put it in the Piggy bank you also received as a present? Well, at that very young age, you were taught how to SAVE buddy, Congratulations! Do you also remember what your mother told you afterwards? You will save that money in order for you to buy new toys, new clothes, and school materials when classes begun. Your mother was really a Genius!


Let’s look how does that logic affected your mind. So you earn money from your Ninongs. You Save it in your Piggy Bank. Then, spend it when time comes. Basically, what you have learned is the Process of Spending and NOT Saving for your future. Grown ups also does that, that’s why they teach you that way of ‘Saving’. Adults will be Saving money to buy Cars or House or any other stuff that they want. But that wasn’t really the concept of Saving, that can make you Financially Free.

This is an excerpt from the Book, ” The Richest man in Babylon by: George Clason”

“Wealth, like a tree, grows from a tiny seed. The first copper you save is the seed from which your tree of wealth shall grow. The sooner you plant that seed the sooner shall the tree grow. And the more faithfully you nourish and water that tree with consistent savings, the sooner may you bask in contentment beneath its shade.”

The logic behind Saving is that, you treat it like a seed, put more and it will grow, Invest it to something so it generates Fruit. And when the time comes, you will reap your rewards by retiring from your job without worrying much about Money.

“the tree awaits you; Either you change your habits, or your habits will change you.”

the Filipino Dream : to Work Abroad, Save, then build a Business.

“The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers.” ~Wikipedia

Peter Stringfellow
( To me this is what American Dream looks like. #gigols )

Have you ever heard of this phrase? “tatrabaho lang ako sa Abroad, magiipon, tapos magbi-bisnes.” How often my ears have come in contact with people who have the same ideals in life. To work abroad, to save enough so they could get home and start a Business. But honestly, will this mindset ever make you  Rich or Financially Free?

The goal of having this mindset was to work hard on the first chapters of your career to save enough money, then settle for good in the Philippines and just enjoy life. Many of us, believe that having a business will make you Rich, Financially free and able to do things like those Chinese Businessmen whom you inspired to become. Everyone becomes so Optimistic about the idea. But, what are the odds you might encounter while walking the path of the ‘Filipino Dream’.


When you start Working Abroad you were very optimistic to get a job. (any job would do, as long as your abroad) Your parents becomes proud of you, Your relatives were hopeful and optimistic too about your success, that they already told you their shoe sizes and preferences of the clothes or bags they want you to give them once you land a job. (pasalubong/pamasko would be a great term)

So you’ve started working on your 8-5 job, earning a decent amount of cash. You feel so tough and Rich already, that you already listed the New Phone to buy, new bag and clothes to shop, then you send your Parents some Cash to show how Good Son/Daughter you are. And so, you Spend, and spend, and spend your Money with the things you like and what was left, becomes your SAVINGS.

Years and years go on, You really Miss home. You were far from your loved ones, you were stressed at work. You wanna go Home, But wait. Your savings looks like you can only buy a box of lollipop with it. You cried like you’re chopping an Onion. You just found yourself on a bigger mess and find a way to change your ways. So you started putting effort on yourself, studying and searching for a way to save and become a better financial literate person. You forget the past and move on.


And so, the day has come for you to get Home. You reached your Savings goal, like a kid breaking his piggy bank because he really, really, really wanted to buy a new toy. The smile was in your face, your positive outlook towards the future was so bright. So, the first thing you do was to settle down a bit, go on a vacation and tours with friends and love ones, brag a bit. You lose some money from your savings, thinking that it’s okay and you can carry on. Then the journey of realization has begun. You’re losing money, you have no job and no plan. So you stayed at home, search the internet on How to start a business in the Philippines. Your mind were so bright that you’ve seen the potential in food industry, because Filipinos love to eat and food always sells. So you made a choice, With zero knowledge and skills, your only hope was prayer and optimism. You ventured out on Food business. Day One, No customer. Day two, A bit of Customer. Months later, you closed down business because you fear of losing all the money you Saved. Fear and Pain inflicts you, Your optimism turned against you, the world closed down upon you and so it has begun.

You undergo the Depression State once more. You realized that business was a no easy job, no easy money, and luck is not on your side. Weeks later, You saw yourself sending CV/Resume to online agencies and finding your way Abroad again, with your new goal. To Work abroad forever ’til you either Die or get Fired.

The end.